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Boston Irish are a professional Ice Hockey team based in Boston, Massachusetts and play their home games at the Bushmills Arena. They are members of the EZM Ice Hockey league. The current team began as the Irish Fighters in 2009 but was purchased by Southie Sports & Entertainment in 2011. With approval from the EZM Board of Governors, the team was relocated to Boston before the 33rd season.

Boston Irish
Country Usa.png
League EZM 4.01 Division
Founded 16.11.2009
History Irish Fighters, season 11-32

Boston Irish, season 33 -

Home Arena Bushmills Arena
City Boston, Massachusetts, U.S.
Colours Green / White / Orange
Owner Usa.png Barry O'Bama
GM & Head Coach vzbUrHUZ8y.png JohnJoe McSpud
Captain Usa.png Kelly Perkins
Our Motto Tiocfaidh ár lá

Irish Fighters, season 11-32

Irish Fighters were a professional Ice Hockey team based in Limerick, Ireland and played their home games at the Kerrygold Arena. The Fighters were granted a franchise in the EZM Ice Hockey league on 16th November 2009. They were members of the 34th division east and won numerous trophies and promotions to qualify for the Premier division east. Before the 33rd season, the Irish Fighters were sold to a US group, Southie Sports & Entertainment. The group moved the franchise to Boston and they continued to play in the Premier division east under the new name, Boston Irish. The sale and relocation was approved by the EZM committee on 3rd August 2011.

Bushmills Arena

The Boston Irish play their home games at the Bushmills Arena. The Arena has a capacity of 25,000.

-Standing: 500

-Seating: 19,500

-VIP Seats: 5,000



Home - uOLEcjvww7.jpg Away - t4a7thDGYX.jpg

Current Roster

# NAT Position Name Place of Birth Last Club
# 1 Usa.png Goalie Landon Barber San Diego, California Stramaboys
# 4 Can.png Defender Jason Playfair Ottawa, Ontario Eaglecracks Mannheim
# 5 Usa.png Defender Christopher Zalapsky Buffalo, New York
# 6 Usa.png Defender Edward Keating Boston, Massachusetts Cromex Lightning
# 8 Usa.png Center Carl Rutledge Chicago, Illinois Italian Wolves
# 9 Usa.png Center Kelly Perkins Watertown, Massachusetts Ontario Flames
# 10 Usa.png Center Jacob Fraser Newark, New Jersey Denver Devils
# 15 Ger.png Forward Jojo Schulte Heidelberg, Germany Mannheim HC United
# 17 Can.png Forward Rico Renville Toronto, Ontario Babing Canucks
# 21 Ger.png Forward Jojo Stange Mannheim, Germany Free Agent
# 29 Usa.png Defender Norm Leach Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
# 31 Usa.png Goalie Phil Reicher Buffalo, New York Free Agent
# 36 Usa.png Defender Tristan Turnbull Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
# 44 Usa.png Defender Douglas Ross Boston, Massachusetts
# 45 Can.png Forward Cory Volpatti Vancouver, British Columbia New York Rangers
# 57 Can.png Forward Henry Adams Montreal, Quebec Crosscheck
# 68 Fin.png Forward Joonas Neuvonen Helsinki, Finland
# 77 vzbUrHUZ8y.png Mascot Fighting Séamus Limerick, Ireland


Boston Irish fans often refer to themselves as „Leprechauns“, the name derived from the team's nickname, „Leprechauns“. The fanbase is large and generally loyal, and virtually all home matches sell out. Like all major Ice Hockey clubs, Boston Irish have a number of domestic supporters' clubs, including the „Irish Supporters Club“, which works closely with the club. The Boston Irish Supporters' Trust promotes greater participation in ownership of the club by fans. The club's supporters also publish fanzines such as „Fight for Your Life“. In addition to the usual Ice Hockey chants, supporters sing „The Fields of Athenry“ and „Come on you Boys in Green“.

Hall of Fame

Player Inducted
Ger.png Tim Krause Season 17
Ger.png Philip Braun Season 17
Can.png Jimmy Fedyr Season 20
Ger.png Bernd Schramm Season 22
Can.png Jimmy Blackmore Season 25
Ger.png Achim Reimann Season 29
Can.png Bobby Bolland Season 34
Aut.png Robert Schneider Season 40

All American Cup

After long discussions between board members, the induction of Boston Irish to the All American Cup has been approved. Boston Irish will participate in the Tournament from season 41.

Club Honours

Division Champions pokal2.png x 8
Division Runners-up Pokal vize.png x 10

Unofficial Sponsors

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