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The Orlando Solar Bears are a professional ice hockey team based in Orlando, Florida. They play in the Eiszeit Manager Association (EZMA) on http://www.eiszeit-manager.de (a fantasy hockey game)

League Division 5.06
Founded February 1. 2011
History Orlando Solar Bears

Season 27 - present

Home Arena Amway Center
City Orlando, Florida, U.S.
Colors Magenta/Cyan
GM Usa.png Aage
Head Coach Usa.png Aage
Captain Usa.png Anthony Kessler

The original Solar Bears

1995 - 2001

The original Orlando Solar Bears played in the International Hockey League from 1995 to 2001. During this period they were able to achive 1 Turner Cup, 3 Conference Championchips and 1 Division Championchip. They played their home games at the Orlando Arena (now the Amway Arena). As the IHL demised in 2001 in cause of financial instability, the Solar Bears quit the Hockey scene, too.

2012 - present

On November 16, 2011, the ECHL announced on their website, that the Solar Bears will be back for the 2012-2013 ECHL Season. Rumours indicate that the success of the even named virtual hockey team in the EZMA gave the spark to that step.

EZM Solar Bears


On February 1, 2011 the Orlando Solar Bears were founded by the norwegian GM Aage. "You know, like most poeple i came to Florida just for the sun, but after quite a while i noticed that i was missing something here in Orlando, so i decided to make this step and founded the Solar Bears fantasy team," said Aage in the Orlando Sentinal. The Solar Bears startet their EZMA franchise in the 33. Division West during Season 27. Through diffrent promotions and a league reformation by the EZMA, the Solar Bears play in Division 5.06, since Season 39.

Home Bears

The Solar Bears play their home games at the Amaway Center, a sports and entertainment venue in Orlando, Florida, formerly known as Orlando Arena. During hockey games the actual capacity amounts 19.400 seats.

  • left: Amway Center by Night
  • middle: Amway Center a few hours before a Solar Bears home game

Hall of Fame

No Solar Bears player reached the Hall of Fame yet.

All American Cup

Since season 37 the Solar Bears play in the minor league of the All American Cup, with more or less success.

Season 37

The Bears finished 2nd in the blue division, during their first cup start in franchise history, but were knocked out by Roundhousekicks in the semi final.

Season 38

During their secound cup appearance the Bears finished third in the blue division and did not qualifier for the playoffs.

Season 39

This time the Solar Bears finished the red divison on the first place and reached the semi final for the second time, but again they were defeated by the later minor league champion Philadelphia Flyers. Third place game againts Hartford, was lost as well.

Season 40

In season 40 the Bears were able to win the red division for the second consecutive time. In a tight game they lost their semi final against Atlanta, but were able to win the third place game against New York, to reach their best cup performance until now. Solar Bears Player Olof Holmgren was also credited with the Ned Braden Award for leading the minor league in scoring with 10 points (4G/6A) in 5 games. Season 40 therefore was the


This text is written by a norwegian emigrant just for fun, so please be aware that there could be linguistic and content specific mistakes. Thanks in advance & god bless hockey :)