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Welcome is a free to play hockey mangement game, where you lead your own hockey franchise as GM and Headcoach.




Start your own franchise

At you get inserted as general manager and coach of your own hockey franchise. Start at the bottom with a few bucks and amateur players on an old ice rink. Climb up the leagues by building up your franchise step by step in all areas.


Clearly arranged and easy to learn

A clear design with some lovely retro graphics let you concentrate on the essential basics of your GM activities. Even if the game has not a high learning curve, it offers a lot of depth for months.


You need to find the right players, tactics and trainings to be successful on the ice. But don´t forget your enviroment, improve your hockey arena to gain fans and better payed sponsor contracts. Only if you manage both sides well, your franchise will be able to grow up to a big one.

Every day is gameday

Every day is gameday, so you never get bored by guarantee. The games will be simulated by the hockeymanager enginge and can be reviewed in a live text broadcast and with a full boxscore and play-by-play. Additionally you can comepte in cups and friendlies against your friends or every other manager.


A franchise by your imagination. Upload a logo, create jerseys, publish own press articles and who is gonna make it to your hall of fame? Change the name of your franchise and move to another city or country? No problem at Hockeymanager.

Free to play is free to play and you can´t buy success or game advantages by spending money to the game. Every manager has the same functions. always gets improvement by the developer and has a nice community with customized cups and tournaments. So don´t wait any longer and start your GM carreer today!

All Features

  • free to play and without purchaseable game advantages
  • Players and teams from 16 hockey nations
  • Set up your roster, tactics and player training
  • Transfer market with scout, trades and offers.
  • Rookie Draft
  • lots of statistics for teams and players
  • detailed financial overview
  • large play-by-play, boxscore and text broadcast
  • Upgrade your stadium and the peripherals
  • own press releases
  • create your own jerseys
  • Rookie Development
  • mail and friends system
  • Friendlies
  • own cups and tournaments
  • every day is gameday
  • lovely retro graphics
  • constant enhancements