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Terms of use

By registering an account on (HM) you agree to the following terms:


  1. is a free to play online browsergame, but the user has no right for availability of the game.
  2. HM is not responsible for server failures, bugs, code errors and any other damages which are related to the game.
  3. The person whose e-mail address is registred with the account, acts as account owner.
  4. It must be entered a valid e-mail address at any time under which the account owner can be contacted. HM will only send you mails which are releated to the game. Mail adresses for one time use are not allowed.
  5. The account owner is responsible for all activities which occur through his account. These activities include self created posts, graphics and communication with other users.
  6. Insulting, racist, discriminating and other immoral teamnames or managernames are not allowed. It is essantial for teamnames and managernames which are under protection of copyright.
  7. Insulting, bullying, discrimination and other immoral behavior is strictly permitted.
  8. The abuse of bugs or code errors is strictly permitted.
  9. You are to report any and all bugs you discover to the administrator, never to abuse them.
  10. Manipulation of the game or the websites by the users is strictly forbidden.
  11. Fair Play: The manager has to play the game according to the basic rules of fair play. Thus the deliberate, or even obvious manipulating of results, or game functions to the advantage or disadvantage of one or more managers is prohibited. The same applies to all transfer/transaction/trade activities. Unilateral activities to the (financial) advantage or disadvantage of one or more managers is strictly prohibited.
  12. The game should not be used to distribute spam and/or ads.
  13. The money used in the game is not real and can not be outpayed at any time.
  14. For optimal performance and full feature availability you sould use an up to date browser.
  15. HM reserve the right to change the terms and rules at any time.
  16. Errors and omissions excepted.

Multi accounts

  1. Multiple accounts of one person are not allowed. Every person is only allowed to handle one account.
  2. Multiple accounts from one network or device are allowed, but need to be registered in your game settings. Contact the administrator if you need help or further informations.
  3. These accounts may not act with each other to an advantage of one or both accounts.


  1. Every content, graphics and other media provided through is covered by effectvie copyright.
  2. The use of graphics and content which are not licence free, free to use or self created is not allowed.
  3. The use of protected names and brands are not allowed, this includes, among other things, the names and logos of real sport teams, sport leagues and their players.

Protection of data privacy

  1. All user data is handled confidential by
  2. Exceptions are situations where HM is obligated by the law.
  3. The account owner is responsible to protect his account data, especially his password, so that no access through third parties is possible.

External Websites

  1. Links to external websites are not under control of HM. HM is not responsible for the linked websites and dissociate himself from the content these websites provide.

Breach of the rules

  1. If one or multiple rules are broken through the account owner, the owner could be punished with a deactivation or deletion of the account.
  2. The final decision is always and only made by the game admin.

Account cancellation

  1. HM reserve the right to delete or deactive accounts without advance warning or reason.
  2. Inactive accounts wil be delete at the end of every season. An account is marked as inactive if there is no login during the past 28 days.
  3. You can delecte your account at any point. The option is available and must be activated in the game settings. After deactivating your account you are not able to access your account furthermore. The account is completly deleted at the end of the current HM season. HM will not save any personal data beyond the deletion of the account.
  4. By cancellation of your account, every personal data is deleted from the game permanently. A data recovery is not possible.